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What is the writing style and how is the book structured?

The book is written in a simple easy to understand and chatty style. It is autobiographical, story like in reading, but all the stories are true incidents. Describing my association with an organization as a “Journey” and incidents being narrated as “Stories”, I tried to bring the context to day to day business situations in a lucid manner. I am happy to share with you in the free download, Contents of the book, and my Journey with an Integrated Steel Plant and two related stories.

What prompted me to write this book?

In my career spanning across 4 decades, after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, I had opportunities to work in varied types of industries, covering companies in manufacturing like Engineering, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Fertilizers, companies in projects business like Process Engineering, Turnkey Contracts, and in Service industry like Software Services. I had a chance to handle different roles, from that of an Accountant, a Systems Analyst, a Controller, to an Internal Auditor and Head of Corporate Risk Management.

There were many unique opportunities to add value to these organizations through profit improvement plans, Cost reduction avenues, project cost monitoring, innovative computerised applications, Corporate Governance, and most significantly in performance improvement initiatives. They are like good management case studies. I wanted to share these experiences with fellow Professionals, Managers and Consultants and for the overall benefits of the industry. Hence this attempt.

Who would benefit from this book?

Chartered Accountants in industry would find incidents narrated, relevant to their nature of work, which could make them more effective. Those in practice handling Internal Audit and analytical assignments will get greater clarity on controls. As this book is not meant only for accountants, Managers in general would find situations familiar to them in their work environment with additional insight into how such situations impact the bottom line.

Students of Management Studies who are just completing their courses to start their careers, would be able to familiarize themselves with the environment which they are going to enter. Consultants engaged in Business Advisory Services would find situations that they normally come across in their assignments. Analysts engaged in Business Application Development particularly in Financial Applications could sharpen their accounting concepts. While the book may not offer ready to use solutions, it would certainly prompt readers to think in the right direction.


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